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k-os - The Trill: A Journey So Far

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Canadian singer-songwriter/rapper k-os

The Trill: A Journey So Far is a compilation album from k-os, the Canadian singer-songwriter/rapper that already put out two other albums this year. Yes!, his fourth full-length, was released in April along with a collection of remixes from that album that were created by fans in a contest hosted on Indaba Music, a website designed to facilitate music creation between people online. The fan-remixed album was given away for free to people that gave money at the donation-based shows that k-os played on his “Karma Tour.”

The Trill: A Journey So Far repeats about half of the songs from his 2007 compilation, Collected. The “Twilight Mix” of “Sunday Morning” from that album is the one that should have carried over, but the “radio edit” is the version here. Most of the offerings on The Trill are average – this includes the new track, “Dance In Your Car” – though the songs “Superstarr Pt. 2 (Babylon Girl)” and “Neutroniks” are skippable.

Some of the best material from his first three albums (Exit, Joyful Rebellion and Atlantis: Hymns for Disco) is represented on this album: “Crabbuckit,” “Exit (Call Me),” “The Love Song,” “Equalizer (GO! Remix)” and “Man I Used To Be (Radio Remix)” are all great tracks, but there are an equal number of great songs that didn’t make it to this collection. “Fantastique,” “Higher,” “EMCEE Murdah,” “Commandante,” “CatDieseL” and “black Ice - Hymn for Disco” would certainly have been better choices than the songs on this album that haven’t been mentioned by name.


All in all, this is a good introduction to k-os if you’ve never heard anything from him and there’s definitely more here on the good side of the spectrum than the bad. If you want to hear his best work, however, you will need to check out the most recent studio album, Yes!, because none of those songs are represented here.

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