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Juno Movie Poster

I can't stand Sunny D. I'm more of an orange-tangerine Odwalla kind of a guy, but I won't hold that against Juno. She's too oddball-adorable to have anything held against her!

Juno is one of those movies where you pretty well know you are going to like it before you ever see it. The trailer, the buzz, the reviews all point to a good movie-going time. The writers do a good job of working out the uncomfortableness of the having a pregnant teenage girl deciding to put her baby up for adoption. They even moved past some potentially funny material in the whole searching-for-the-right-parents phase to move right along to the wife-is-a-desperate-control-freak-desperately-wanting-to-be-a-mom phase. It was partially funny but even more uncomfortable, and I have to say had I been Juno, I think I would have feared this woman being my kid's mom right from the start. I mean... Wow! Jennifer Garner has never looked so unattractive on so many levels! Her desperation and obsessiveness contributing to her marital problems only added to the unbecoming way in which she was shot! The director and cinematographers managed to give her - a beautiful woman - a look that was at times reminiscent of dead rock star Freddy Mercury. Ouch! I'm afraid she may never be cast as a hottie again. I'd say the way she appears for the first half of the film is so unappealing, about the only way they can write her back into a sympathetic position with the audience is for her husband (played by Jason Bateman) to pull a douche bag move by coming onto Juno.

Juno is a precocious girl. Clearly. You don't get pregnant playing with Barbie dolls. I'm not making any excuses for Mr. Bateman's character, really (I always preferred Jason's sister Justine, anyhow,) but I mean, the way the movie progressed, it was bound to happen. The screenwriters had various characters giving Juno warnings about "the dynamics of marriage" and her hanging out at the adoptive parents' house when the wife wasn't home. I'm just saying you could see it coming a mile off, thanks to the writers - nothing shocking there. I personally prefer a lot more subtlety in writing, but hey, look at the nods they are getting for this thing...

In their defense, the writers manage to get Juno about ten snappy one-liners per minute in the script, not all of them working and some trying a little too damned hard to be hip with their ideas of current, online-colored lingo, but at least they have that going for them. ...And Ellen Page benefits by getting a nomination for best actress as a result? It has to be the lines.. What else could it have been? I thought she did a good job in the role, but best actress in a motion picture? For the whole year? Lucky for her there weren't a lot of obviously strong roles and big, dominating blockbusters this year. She did a great job. I just don't think the role was that strong or difficult. She did own the character, though. *shrugs*

This is reading like a really snarky sort of review and I didn't intend it to come out that way. I just felt that there's so much hype out there a little different viewpoint needed to be shared about the film, or rather, some balance needed to be brought to the table. I don't think that this script is something that really spawns best actress, best director, best screenplay, or best picture nominations, much less all four of those! That's just nuts to me. But what do I know?

Don't get me wrong: I loved the movie! Go see it if you haven't! I just don't think it's that great of a film.

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Interesting take...

I kind of thought Juno was overrated, too, and also didn't think she deserved a best actress nomination.

Tue, 11/17/2009 - 11:09 · Bob

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