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A Chocolate Chip and Coconut Muffin from Baguette Cafe

Baguette Cafe

Baguette Cafe is a small cafe, tucked away in a corner of the business park on Sunset between Buffalo and Durango. It’s just north of 215 and accessible from either Sunset or the feeder — and we never would have discovered it without the new sign that can be seen from the freeway.

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Farm Scramble with hardwood smoked bacon, avocado, onion and Swiss

Hash House A Go Go (Sahara)

Hash House A Go Go is a small restaurant chain that generates a lot of buzz. They make food that people talk about and word of mouth is good for business. It’s so good for business that Hash House A Go Go just opened up a new restaurant (their third location in Las Vegas) at the M Resort in October.

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St. Louis Style Ribs at Yardhouse

Yardhouse (Town Square)

The first Yardhouse restaurant was in Long Beach, California. The concept proved to be rather popular and they now have multiple locations across California, several in Arizona, a couple in both Texas and Florida and a handful in other states. There are even two locations in Las Vegas: one can be found at Red Rock Resort and the other – the subject of this review – resides at Town Square.

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Rebecca Hall and Ben Affleck in The Town

The Town

Ben Affleck has returned to the director’s chair for the unimaginatively-named heist film, The Town. The script, based on a novel by Chuck Hogan, was co-written by Affleck and two others and – instead of getting his brother to play the main character – this time, Ben casts himself as the leading man, Doug MacRay.

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Emma Stone in Easy A

Easy A

Easy A is a high school comedy starring Emma Stone in her biggest role to date. Emma was great in her smaller roles from Superbad or Zombieland, but this film rests completely on her shoulders. As Olive Penderghast, she plays an ordinary high school girl that gets caught up in a web of lies that eventually starts to affect the lives of other people.

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Milla Jovovich as Alice in Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D

Resident Evil is back with another installment of zombie apocalypse. Resident Evil: Afterlife is written and directed by Paul W. S. Anderson (just like the first movie of the series) and it was filmed in 3D. That’s right: filmed in 3D.

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Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles - Kaleidoscope Heart

Kaleidoscope Heart is the second major-label release from Sara Bareilles. Her first album, Little Voices, instantly became a top seller on iTunes when it was released and was certified Gold less than a year later. “Love Song” was the driving force behind the success of that album and it remains her biggest hit.

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Steven Seagal in Machete


It’s kind of amazing that Machete exists as a feature film. It was originally one of the fake trailers that appeared between Robert Rodriguez’s Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof in the the spectacular box-office failure, Grindhouse.

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Interpol live

Interpol - Interpol

Interpol’s new album – their fourth – is called, simply, Interpol. They claim that this is the album that they’ve wanted to make from the very beginning, because now they are proficient enough with their instruments to capture specific musical ideas. Unfortunately, the Interpol that created this album no longer exists.

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Kat Edmonson

Kat Edmonson - Take To The Sky

I love finding new artists that really have something special. I have to admit, though, that sometimes it seems like they are fewer and further between each and every year. In a sense, however, that makes stumbling across a new artist – someone truly unique– all that much sweeter. That has been my experience since Kat Edmonson’s unique style came into my world.

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